This article by “Crypto Anonymous” claims that Tether will bring a crypto “doomsday.” The author makes many good points in building his case, yet the overall conclusion is less than the sum of its parts.

Here’s the short version of why he’s wrong: Yes, Tether creates systemic risk for Bitcoin…

(Note: this article was written April 2017)

Let’s talk about five principles that help the marketing team at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) communicate more effectively with our customers.

1. Clearly state the value proposition

Every message should clearly communicate the value our customers will gain from the product we are selling.

Let’s break that…

As social media has become the primary way for young people to discover brands and ideas, the effectiveness of traditional television/print/radio has fallen. Reaching people interested in your ideas on social media is hard — there are so many competing brands vying for their attention. …

Cross-posting videos allows sharing Facebook Videos between Pages without re-uploading a duplicate video.

Why would you want to cross-post with FEE?

  • Your videos get more exposure on other Pages
  • You control the content and description of the video (unlike re-uploaded videos, cross-posted videos cannot be modified)
  • Analytics/Insights are shared with both the author and the page cross-posting the…

A key part of FEE’s advertising strategy is retargeting our customers across multiple channels. Retargeting, also known as remarketing or behavioral targeting, is the practice in online advertising of showing ads to people based on their previous online activity. Here is how we do it:

1. Define Custom Audience

FEE’s retargeting is based on…

In January 2018, Facebook announced major changes to the algorithm which decides what stories appears in users News Feeds. These changes have substantially affected the visibility of content from online publishers on Facebook. While Facebook has always updated the algorithms behind the News Feed on a regular basis, the recent…

The goal of this project was to see if we could effectively market our content to an audience outside our core demographic in a data-driven manner. We picked this video as the test subject. The success of this experiment validated our strategy for the YEAR project.

1. Identify goals

Success metrics for this…

Does that big red message look familiar?

If your non-profit received a Google Ads Grant (if not, apply here), you may have noticed a major change in Google Ad Grants policy in 2018. Here is a summary of the new rules from Google, and here is a more comprehensive writeup

FEE is seeking partners to collaborate on our efforts to reach millennial and Gen Z audiences in the US. As part of our YEAR (Youth Education & Audience Research) project, we are investing significant resources in creating content that teaches young people the value of free markets and entrepreneurship and…

How well do you know your customers? In 2018, we decided to get to know them on a more personal level, so we hosted four focus groups at a variety of events to get to know them better. Here’s how we did it, and what we learned:

Why hold focus groups?

Market research spans…

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